The Council

What do we do and how do it?


We promote innovation, new ways of doing and thinking

so that Chile can move towards sustainable and inclusive development

What do we do and how do it?

The Chilean National Council of Innovation for Development (CNID) is an advisory council giving direct and strategic advice to the Chilean President on Sciences, Technologies and Innovation (STI).

Our job is to anticipate the issues that will drive long-term change in the world, and how Chile, enabled by STI, should prepare to address these upcoming changes.

CNID enables and facilitates dialogues, initiatives and working groups around various issues. Some of the questions we have address are how is global warming affecting us?

What consequences will automation have on employment? In which areas could we have comparative advantages if copper reduces its price? Should internet broadband be considered as a basic service? If water is considered the resource of tomorrow, what forms of coordination will enable the sustainable and inclusive use of Chilean watersheds?

These conversations have a seal: we bring together diverse world-views, because we believe that the only way to make innovation happen is to gather multiple actors and different types of knowledge.

Our documents

Science, Technology and Innovation for a New Pact of Sustainable and Inclusive Development (in spanish)

Science for Chile’s development (in spanish)

The council and its mission

Chile’s National Council of Innovation for Development (CNID) is a government agency that supports and provides advice to the Presidency of Chile on STI matters, throughout the generation of strategic guidelines on the role of of science, technology and innovation (STI) for inclusive and sustainable development in the country.

It was created in 2005 as the National Council of Innovation for Competitiveness, being from its origin an autonomous space to foster reflection and stakeholders interaction. Since 2014, the Council broadened its outlook and changed its name to the National Council of Innovation for Development (CNID), moving from a focus on competitiveness, to a broader focus that understands development as multidimensional, sustainable, diverse and inclusive. This decision reflects the own evolution and learning of the Council, seeking to find give meaning and find answers to current and future challenges.

Over a decade, the Council has sought to influence the definitions and priorities of action of relevant stakeholders in the field of science, technology and innovation. Generating and providing strategic orientations is based on a systemic work, which aims at broad, global and long-term horizons, promoting and taking care of enabling spaces that welcome different perspectives, expertises, knowledges, perceptions and approaches, as well as ensuring local and territorial relevance of its proposals and processes.

In its first years, the Council helped to install innovation as a public matter , generating the institutional and political bases for it, stressing the importance of public-private partnerships to move forward. Over time, it has strengthened this role by broadening its understanding of innovation, not only as a means to create economic value, but also contributing to different areas of human activity, which today broaden its vision from business innovation to social, public and citizen innovation.

This journey has meant an increasing integration of new actors and perspectives, revealing the value of generating broad dialogues.

Currently, the Council mission is to strengthen the contribution of science, technology and innovation to a development path for Chile which is called to conciliate economic, social and environmental dimensions. While recognizing these three dimensions, we recognize the environmental dimensions as the one that sustains human wellbeing, and therefore, at the base of the others, raising some of the most relevant and complex challenges we face today as a country, as a region and as a planet.

In its work, the CNID has established as guiding principles: (i) the development and use of a systemic approach to STI; the consideration of broad, global and long-term horizons; caring for spaces to welcome and recognize different perspectives and; to ensure local and territorial relevance of the proposals and processes.

Within this framework, the Council has strengthened its role as a space for encounter and dialogue, generating numerous instance of guided and systematic work, in which diverse stakeholders have addressed various relevant matters, generously contributing to the future of Chile.

CNID has an Executive Secretariat integrated by a multidisciplinary team that provides technical and administrative support to the work of the Council. Annually, the CNID informs of its activities through a report delivered to the Presidency of Chile.

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